Best Tabletop Radios in 2021

Close up green tabletop radio sitting on a wood table.

Are you fed up with having to crawl through different radio stations trying to find something that has a good signal, and when you do, it’s never a station that you like? It may be time that you bought a new Tabletop radio, but what is the best to buy?

When looking for the best tabletop radio, it can be hard as there are so many options to choose from. With so many different features, it may sometimes be hard to find something that you need. The best tabletop radio for you will include all the features that you’re going to use regularly. There’s no need to buy a Bluetooth connection or WiFi if you’re simply not going to use it.

The best table top radios’ style and design are something that you want to think a lot about. They will be used in your home, and they will want to look good when they are doing so.

In our list, we will show you some of the best options available for you to choose the radio that is best for your needs. From the audio quality to how good it will look in your living room, we have got everything from Am radios to HD radios, and more. Let us jump straight into our amazing list of products:

Best Tabletop Radios

1 . Tivoli Audio – Model One

This is an image of a brown Tivoli Audio model One Am/ fm Tabletop Radio

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The Tivoli Audio Model One is a high-performance table radio with a simple design that will look great in any home. It has superior sound reproduction along with a 3-inch long-throw driver that assures you always have accurate tonal balance and bass response no matter what you are listening to.

The cabinet of these tabletop radios is made from a furniture-grade wooden cabinet that has been handmade for an attractive finish stunning in any home. The wood not only looks good, but it doubles as an acoustically insert housing for the speaker.

There is an FM tuner that improves reception and increases clarity overall. These components are state of providing the latest technology for your listening pleasure. A good size measuring 8.375 x 4.5 x 5.25 inches. Not available from all radios, but the Tivoli Audio Model one comes with a 1-year warranty, keeping you covered from any faults or complications that shouldn’t occur in your FM radio.

The Model One has a single rotary dial that handles the AM and FM stations’ tuning. It has a sturdy and smooth feel in your hand has been designed to move between stations a little slower than the user will turn the knob. This dialing technique makes it a lot easier to tune stations to high accuracy, fast. A beautiful touch that sets this tabletop radio apart from the rest.


  • Furniture grade wooden finish
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • AM and FM abilities


  • Not engineered to produce extremely high volume levels
  • The single speaker doesn’t have a stereo image.

2. Sangean WR-50P Bluetooth Radio

This is an image of a black Sangean WR-50P FM-RBDS/AM/Bluetooth Wood Cabinet Table Top radio

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The WR-50P from Sangean delivers powerful audio through a true stereo separation. If you’ve been looking for a tabletop radio with bags of extra features, then the WR-50P could be the table radio for you. This Sangean radio has loudness compensation to create more bass, which helps to create more bass response characteristics while delivering sound way beyond its size. The AM/FM reception is great in providing static-free listening due to the art DSP Tuner technology state.

With Bluetooth technology, there is even more, to like when it comes to this table top radio. You can easily switch from your favorite stations to the Bluetooth source, letting you instantly pair to your devices so you can listen to your favorite music. No matter if you own a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, any device with Bluetooth connectivity can be enjoyed without the constraint of extra physical cables.

There are bass and treble controls for your own listening pleasure, a stereo headphone jack for more private listening, a display dimmer, and equipment for an external AM antenna. If you have stored music on an external device, the AUX-in jack will let you connect and listen. This Aux will also work when you’re streaming music.

If you’re worried about low frequencies, there is a subwoofer output that lets you connect pretty much any kind of powered subwoofer to the table top radio giving you a true 2.1 stereo system, all in a compact size.


  • Subwoofer Output for true 2.1 stereo sound
  • Loudness compensator for more balanced bass sounds


  • FM antenna is a little finicky
  • No USB connection

3 . KEiiD Compact Wooden Radio

This is an image of a brown KEiiD CD Player Table Top radi with Remote Control

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The KEiiD compact wooden radio has been known for its true Hi-Fi quality sound. The speakers are a combination of two bookshelf speakers on either side of the center console. It has a configuration of 2 x 4-inch bass and mid-range speakers, 2 x Treble speakers, and 2 x bass sound guide holes, all for better sound quality productions.

The original plan for the center console is from a new car. The car CD unit has always been a reliable unit known for its stability when sometimes bumpy. This kind of CD system will leave you with no worries based on its quality that can last a lifetime.

Connect to your phone, tablet, or laptop with ease through the Bluetooth connection, letting you stream all of your favorite songs wirelessly. There is a built-in microphone in the remote control that comes with the KEiiD compact wooden radio. It lets you interact with Siri on your device, skipping songs, and changing radio stations. With Siri, you can also answer/hang-up calls. The person’s contact on the phone will show up on the digital display of this amazing FM tabletop radio.

Listen to both AM and FM radio stations with ease from the 50cm long antenna. If you have more than one radio station that you love, you can find them quickly by saving them onto one of the 12 presets available, making this radio one of the best. To find the stations initially, use the right side knob, allowing you to adjust and set any radio stations accordingly.

As well as the CD, Bluetooth, and radio stations, this best FM radio reads audio files from a USB flash card or an SD card, giving you more ways to listen. The USB port can even charge your phone with its 5V power supply. While you’re charging your phone, you can play the saved songs to your device, giving this tabletop radio even more ways to play.

The box includes a 3.5mm-to-L/R audio cord enabling you to connect to any audio device via an audio port. This could be your mobile, laptop, TV, PC, and more. Connect to the TV via this cord and use the KEiiD Compact FM RAdio as a sound bar, perfect for watching films if you want that cinema-style sound quality.


  • Lots of different connections available
  • True Hi-Fi Sound


  • Some more inexpensive options available

4. Panasonic RF-2400D Radio

This is an image of a silver Panasonic Rf-2400D Am/FM Table Top radio

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From the Panasonic RF-2400D radio, you get a simple portable tabletop radio that does exactly what you want. A cheap option that offers both Am and FM station listening. The high technology of the antenna system even manages to get strong signals in the worst weather conditions.

Powered by a traditional battery, this radio is completely portable. You can take it from the kitchen to the sitting room, to the bedroom, and even work without the inconvenience of messy wires to contend with.

The precise tuner lets you find the exact frequency of all your favorite radio stations. Both the tuner display and the frequency knob are large in size, making it really easy for you to see what you’re doing and gain a more accurate reading.

For better sound quality, there is a large 10cm speaker fitted inside. This will give you a mono sound, which isn’t always the best if you are looking for more dynamic audio in your best tabletop radio, but this solo speaker packs a punch and provides high-quality sound no matter what you’re listening to.

There is a physical jack input port if you want to listen to the radio without disturbing anyone around you. If you find that you are only using your radio in one spot of your home, you can plug this FM radio in via the AC input over the side of the device.

A less natural sound is delivered from the plastic casing, but the overall design is very sleek and doesn’t look cheap in any way. The portability aspect of this radio is also helped with the handle design included in the development.


  • Small compact size
  • Handle fitted in the design for easy portability
  • Budget option


  • No Digital inputs
  • Mono Speaker
  • Plastic casing doesn’t provide a natural sound.

5. Bose Wave Soundtouch

This is an image of a black Bose Wave Music System Table Top radio

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With the Bose Wave Sountouch, you can enjoy high sound performances from a music system that will look at home in any setting with the fresh new design. Features the award-winning Bose waveguide speaker technology helping to provide clear and high-performance sound. It includes a CD player and both AM/FM capabilities. The display screen can show text like song titles and artist information. An optional Bluetooth connector is available if you like to stream music wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone.

This classic tabletop radio system for CDs and AM/FM stations include the same acclaimed performances it has always delivered but now with an updated contemporary design. This acclaimed performance is the Bose proprietary waveguide speaker technology. It combines with advanced digital electronics to deliver audio performances that are way beyond the unit’s size.

Talking about size, the look of the Bose Wave Soundtouch is stylish and simple. The compact size is less than 4.5-inches tall, letting it fit nearly anywhere. The versatile control lets you conveniently control and operate the volume, select stations, alter clock settings, and use the CD functions, all in a remote way.

Turning the unit on and off couldn’t be easier. Simply tap the unit on and off. You can also use this tap function to have them extra moments in bed with the snooze button. These dual independent alarms are perfect for couples who have different morning schedules. It lets the early birds rise without having to set a new alarm for the snoozer to enjoy—a nice and practical feature in the Bose Wave Soundtouch.


  • Bluetooth availability
  • Bose proprietary waveguide speaker technology
  • Dual independent alarms


  • Some CD ejection problems found
  • No USB port

6 . Victrola Retro Radio

This is an image of a brown Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM tabletop radio

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If you want that old vintage look but with all the newest technology you could ask for, then the Victrola Retro Radio could be the tabletop radio you’ve been looking for. It makes for an ideal addition to any home decor situation.

The stunning retro vibes and classic Am/FM dials sit perfectly, hiding the new features such as Bluetooth that will let you stream any of your music apps wirelessly through the speakers. This Bluetooth connection will also allow playback from any other smart devices, such as your tablet and laptop.

The speakers that are built inside this best tabletop radio will produce a balanced and clear sound with vintage tones that will make you feel as if you are straight back into the 1950s. The wooden casing gives the radio a stylish look and keeps the Retro Radio from Victrola a more natural sound.

All the controls you could ever desire are right there on the tabletop radio. The rotary dial and tuner let you navigate between AM and FM stations with precision and accuracy. There are volume, bass, and treble controls to create the perfect sound for your listening pleasure.

This Victrola Retro radio will be a conversation starter in any home, with its intricate crafter design and high-grade manufacturing.


  • Beautiful retro design
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Mono speaker lowers sound quality
  • Smaller than some buyers expected.

7. Avantree SP850 Portable Radio

This is an image of a black Avantree SP850 Rechargeable FM tabletop Radio with Bluetooth Speaker and SD Card MP3 Player , LED Display, Small Handheld Pocket

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The Avantree SP850 portable radio is a 3-in-1 tabletop radio speaker. You can stream wirelessly from your PC, phone, tablet, and laptop. You can also listen through saved songs with the Micro SD card mode. Plus, if you just fancy listening to a bit of radio, then the FM radio tuner is amazing, with precise and accurate frequency dialings you will always find your favorite stations.

With one click, this portable tabletop radio will automatically search and save all available stations, giving you a break from tirelessly trying to locate the right spot for the dial. If you prefer the manual side of things, you can also select and set your favorite stations by pressing the number buttons. If you’re in an enclosed environment, you can enhance the signal by connecting a USB cable.

This tabletop radio is one of the best for a unique sound quality tailored to your listening needs. 6 different equalizer modes will enhance the overall tonality of the songs you’re listening to. These tones range from pop, jazz, classical, rock, natural, and soft music tones. This equalizer setting can only be used when in wireless or Micro SD card mode.

An ultra-portable design is made easier with the strap featured on one side of the tabletop radio. The speaker is a small pocket speaker and adds to the lightweight design. If you’re someone who likes to take their music wherever they go, this radio speaker could be a great choice. Work, home, or even walking around the park, the lightweight and portable design are perfect.

We advise that you register this product on the company website as it comes with a 24-month warranty.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Extremely portable
  • USB connectivity


  • Doesn’t support AM frequencies
  • Audio Latency found when streaming audio for video.

8. Soundance Bluetooth Radio

This is an image of a black Soundance FM tabletop Radio with Digital LED

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The Soundance Bluetooth radio has an oblique trapezoidal structure that makes the speaker really stand out. The sense of geometric design keeps this tabletop speaker stable whenever it is placed. The cool shape will also look great on your desktop, in your living room, or even in your kitchen. The exterior shell of this Bluetooth table radio is made from a durable and superior ABS material that makes the radio signal more stable than you get from using a metal shell. This is due to the ABS shell never interfering with radiofrequency like a metal one would do. There are sleek and stylish buttons on the top of the device that is comfortable to touch and feel elegant under your fingers.

Search through your favorite FM radio stations with the auto search setting that will filter from 87.5-108MHZ. These stations can be saved on presets within the speaker, so your favorite radio channels are only a click away. There is a digital display on the LED screen that helps you locate the stations you’re looking for and fine-tune all of your FM frequencies. A great setting on this table radio is that you can set your favorite station as your morning alarm. Starting your day with your favorite music is the best way to begin your mornings.

Unlike some other Bluetooth speakers, these contain two powerful 40mm speakers with enhanced bass resonators. Speakers like these are built to provide you with a deep bass sound whenever you want it. The Bluetooth connection is one of the best available. This FM radio supports Bluetooth 3.0, allowing you to stay wirelessly connected up to 35 feet away.

A tabletop radio like this is only enhanced with the feature of an alarm clock inside. The Soundance best tabletop radio contains an LED screen that displays the time digitally without that annoying ticking sound. Only one alarm can be set, but this can be with your favorite FM radio station or via the USB connection hearing your favorite songs every time you wake up in the morning.


  • 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auto FM radio station searching
  • Made from enhanced ABS material


  • Instructions lack some detail
  • No remote control
  • No charger included

9. C. Crane CC2E

This is an image of a black C. Crane tabletop radio

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Using the C. Crane CC2E, you will receive long-ranged reception and audio quality perfect for a portable AM FM radio. This tabletop radio has also been designed with emergencies in mind. Reception and audio quality are two reasons you should own a better made portable radio. C.Crane has been designing portable tabletop radios for over 10 years and has some of the best AM radios available.

When using the new CCRadio-2 enhanced version, you can accurately tune audio for realistic human voices as well as musical performances. The FM radio frequency is a step ahead, bringing crackling weak signals a new lease of life being heard clear and crisp. In this one of the best tabletop radios available, there is even an enhanced weather band alert keeping your signal strong at all times.

You can change radio stations easily with the 5 preset buttons on top of the radio. This boost of AM performances is done using the patented Twin-coil Ferrite AM Antenna that C. Crane has produced themselves. This kind of technology gives a noticeable boost to your AM frequencies that are weak in most circumstances. When you’ve selected the station, you want to listen to the CCRadio-2E to evaluate the signal’s strength for a few seconds and then lock on to the best possible signal.

There are three brightness levels on the display screen, which isn’t always found on a portable tabletop radio. This LED can even be turned off if it is not needed at all. The weather band that is featured on this tabletop radio can notify you of any NOAA alerts. These kinds of alerts will keep you safe in an emergency if the weather is about to turn, and you’re not expecting it.

The device itself features 5 one-touch memory presets per band, an adjustable display light, adjustable bass and treble settings for your listening preferences. Plus, there is a clock alarm, sleeper timer, auto scan, stereo headphone jack, line-input jack, and a line-output jack. These features can be powered using an AC power cord or an optional 4 ‘D’ batteries.


  • Weather reports for emergencies
  • Enhanced AM signal strength
  • Portable and reliable


  • Not the most attractive table radio
  • More suitable for working situations than home

10. Crosley Solo Vintage Portable Radio

This is an image of a gray Crosley CR3034A-HA Am/FM/Bluetooth Radio

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Portability is the main design that comes with the Crosley Solo Vintage Portable tabletop radio. It is equipped with an optional lithium-ion battery and a carry strap, letting you take the music wherever you go. If you don’t fancy mobile music life, then an AC adapter is being used as a permanent power supply.

You can easily switch between FM/AM radio, the AUX input, or the built-in Bluetooth receiver. This Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your streaming music from your phone straight to your Mockingbird’s Tabletop radio speaker.

The finish of this best tabletop radio is a vintage style. It has soft-touch vinyl pops next to a matte white face. The speaker grill is a circular shape that matches perfectly with the 50s inspired dial. All of this is completed with the honeycomb backsplash that offers a lot of vintage vibes. Just because this is a vintage-looking tabletop radio doesn’t mean it cannot look amazing in your contemporary home. The bold colors make it a match for any kind of decor.

The size of these tabletop radios is good for portability but doesn’t feel too small when placed in your home. You can listen to this radio in complete discretion if you don’t want to disturb anyone around you with the available handy jack input port.


  • Portable design
  • The retro look is very stylish


  • More premium versions available
  • Some slow dial interaction

11 . Sony Portable ICFP26

This is an image of a black Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

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The Sony Portable ICFP26 is a vertical FM/AM radio which will fit in any room where space is a premium. The compact design is lightweight and handy to take around with you no matter where you listen to your tabletop radios. It features a new LED battery status indicator, which will never leave you without the music you know and love. Simply purchase your new set of batteries when the light indicates, always ensuring you’re ahead of the game when it comes to your power supply.

You will never miss the chance of listening to your favorite songs, no matter if you’re enjoying the built-in mono speaker or using the jack input port with a pair of headphones for a more discrete listen, not disturbing anyone around you.

For extra portability, there is a built-in strap that has been incorporated in the development. This is attached to the plastic casing of the best tabletop radio. The plastic doesn’t bring as much of a natural sound that you would find in a wooden unit, but it helps with the lightweight capabilities needed for a portable best tabletop radio.

There is a dedicated headphone socket for personal listening, which isn’t found on a few of the other models on our list. This is perfect if you’re at work or settling down in bed and just want to listen to your favorite radio station just before you go to sleep.

This best tabletop radio is powered by 2 x AA batteries, which are helped with their life by the low output that the power needs. There is a long trial, so you can find both FM and AM radio stations with ease, letting this table radio be perfect for any kind of job. The dial on the tabletop radio casing side is accurate and precise when searching for both FM and AM stations.


  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Travel strap developed in the design
  • Battery life LED indicator


  • Not the most attractive table top radio
  • Has one mono speaker

Buyers’ Guide: Considerations for Buying Tabletop Radios

Sound Quality

Sound quality changes a considerable amount from one tabletop radio to the other. In most cases, the more affordable radios are less impressive when it comes to their audio characteristics. The majority of radios you come across will be fine if you are not looking for amazing sound quality. Still, for those of you who love radio and love music, you should be considering a unit that has either a stereo sound or advanced mono technology within it.

Standard mono devices have a single speaker; this makes up the mono channel. Advanced mono or stereo radios will contain two channels for separate speakers. This will help to produce a clearer and better audio reproduction.

The last thing to consider that will play a big part in the sound quality you receive is the case’s material. When picking the best tabletop radios for your home, it is usually either MDF or plastic. The more budget models typically use a plastic casing, which is much easier and cheap to produce. These are not the best choice if you are in the market for sound quality.

MDF tends to create more of a natural sound that softens frequency sounds overall. The tip is to try your hardest to find a tabletop radio that is made from MDF. It is going to produce a more powerful bass and a deeper sound. The use of MDF also has a more pleasant look and feel, being more natural overall.


Depending on the kind of use you’re looking for in your FM tabletop radio, the connectivity may vary. In general, the main 3 connectivity points you want to consider are Bluetooth, WiFi, and a physical 3.5mm jack.

Having a headphone jack will allow you to listen to your tabletop radio without disturbing anyone around you. If you’re looking for the best tabletop radio besides your bed, this may be the best option. However, if you are looking for a radio that you want to be pretty stationary, there may be very little need for this kind of physical connection. The world of audio is also becoming wireless, and physical cord connections are becoming a thing of the past; this is where a wireless pair of headphones should come into play.

In terms of wireless connectivity, a Bluetooth connection could be very convenient for many of us. Many people now stream music through their phones on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. If your radio has Bluetooth connectivity, it can even be used as a portable speaker connecting to your phone or laptop.

The last thing that the best tabletop radios have WiFi connections. This is great as it can be used to update your firmware to the latest versions. With a WiFi connection, you can also stream music via the internet to find different radio stations an AM or FM radio may not be able to reach.

Design of Radio

The visual side of a tabletop radio is often a secondary thing to consider. This is because you want to have the best tech inside. However, the best tabletop radios will most likely be placed in bedrooms, lounges, and kitchens so that a visual appearance may be crucial. You want your radio to blend with the interior of the room and not be an eyesore for everyone to comment on.

There are a few models with more of a retro look; these can even look at home in a more contemporary home.

The great thing about tabletop radios is that they come in all kinds of different designs. It is completely your personal choice what design you go for, but you for sure won’t have any problems when it comes to choice.


Radios are just like everything else you can find in a tech shop, they range in prices, and it all matters what kind of spec you are looking for. Tabletop radios can range from $20, right the way up to the hundreds, if you’re looking for a more premium table radio. The most difference in the price is down to features. The more premium models will have a much broader range of abilities. Always remember to only pay for the features that you think you’re going to use.


1. What is the best sounding tabletop radio?

When it comes to the best sounding table radio, you can choose a few options from our list. Always try and find a radio that is going to have customizable EQ settings. This will allow you to create the perfect audio quality for your own personal listening experience.

Typically a stereo speaker will be able to handle all the musical components better than a mono speaker. A mono speaker will sometimes sound overloaded with sound due to the bass, treble, and mid frequencies it is trying to handle.

The materials are going to affect the sound quality as well. A high-quality wooden cabinet is going to produce a much more natural sound than a plastic casing. It’s all down to your specific needs.

2. What is the best radio on the market?

There are lots of different brands that are known for their quality and features. Some true giants have been around in the industry for many years, pushing sound and radio devices’ boundaries. Some great brands are Panasonic, Sangean, OCean Digital, Como Audio, Tivoli, and Kaito.

3. What should I look for in a tabletop radio?

The best tabletop radios should always include both AM and FM stations, this is the first thing, but the rest of the features are down to you. If you have a smartphone and love streaming music, then Bluetooth connectivity will be perfect for you.

If you’re someone who likes to enjoy a more personal music listening experience, you will need a jack input. Work out your own particular needs before you make a purchase. Simple things such as a power supply may be a need of yours. If you want portability, make sure that your digital radio has a battery input to listen to your favorite stations on the go.