Best Subwoofer For Music in 2021

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For some people, music is an incredibly important part of their lives. A world without music would be unimaginable. It can change a bad mood to a good one in a matter of seconds, it can inspire us, touch our hearts, and entertain us.

If you’re a hardcore audiophile, you may be looking for ways on how to further improve your listening pleasure. Although you have options in the form of headphones, if you want to share your passion for music with others, you’ll need something else and regular speakers generally can’t give you the quality you’re looking for.

That’s where subwoofers come in. The best subwoofer for music will give you unparalleled sound and will allow you to really feel as well as listen to the beats and bass that you may miss with normal speakers. But how do you know which one to choose?

Once you’ve read our super useful guide, you’ll be prepped and ready to purchase a subwoofer, whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re looking to upgrade from your current one. We’ve gone through some important considerations you’ll need to think about and some handy FAQs. So, if you’re ready to revolutionize your listening experience, be sure to keep on reading to find out more!

The Best Subwoofer for Music of 2021

1. Klipsch R-100SW

This is an image of a black Klipsch R-100SW 10 inch Subwoofer


First on our best subwoofer list, is the Klipsch R-100SW. Not only does this subwoofer look the part with its spun copper speakers and black vinyl casing, but it delivers high-performance audio whilst being exceptionally lightweight.

This model offers an incredibly low-frequency response with fewer audio breaks and less distorted noise to give you superior bass sound. The great thing about this subwoofer is that although it’s incredibly lightweight, it’s still very sturdy! Its rigidity means it’ll last you a long time.

It’s ideal for an apartment or any small space you have such as a bookcase, shelf, or underneath a TV stand. If you’re looking to immerse your room in great music on a budget, this is the subwoofer you need in your life. Although you may need extra pieces such as cables, these can be bought separately really affordably.

Originating from a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas, Klipsch is one of the leading manufacturers of audio products and they’ve spent over 70 years creating revolutionary, premium speakers, subwoofers, headphones, and much more.


  • Incredibly simple to install
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Reduced noise distortion
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • Doesn’t come with any cords or cables

2. Yamaha SW315

close up view of the YAMAHA SW315 Subwoofer System - Black Ash


For some audiophiles, having a subwoofer is an essential part of their home theater systems. Richer sounds and crisp, deep bass are just two of the benefits of investing in a subwoofer. They are easy to move around and can be placed pretty much anywhere.

If you’re new to subwoofers for music, you may think they are cumbersome and take up loads of space, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The YST-SW315 is the newest model from Yamaha. It’s been engineered to give incredibly high bass quality and performance; whether you’re watching your favorite movies in your home theater or singing along to your favorite tunes.

Two advanced technologies have been used in this model; YST and QD-bass. This means you get an incredibly strong bass sound quality with incredible clarity. The bass switch allows you to change between music and movie mode, giving you the best performance possible.


  • Active Servo technology gives a powerful bass
  • High-efficiency 10-inch driver
  • Bass switch tailors the sound for music or movies


  • Slightly heavier than other models

3. Polk Audio RC65i

image of the Polk Audio RC65i, 10 inch Powered Subwoofer in black color


Enjoy the incredible sound quality of this model. The RCi series speakers are perfectly matched to other speaker designs from the Polk brand, for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing visual display.

Thanks to the 6.5″ Dynamic Balance powered subwoofer, you can enjoy premium and real-time sounds. The sturdy composite driver baskets mean you get an even and balanced sound and the rubber-sealed drives create a better response and stops any moisture from getting into the speaker.

This is an incredibly important and ingenious feature if you’re going to be using the subwoofer in places where moisture is in abundant amounts, such as outside, in the kitchen, or bathroom. Super easy to use, no complicated instructions and it sets up in three simple steps. The paintable grille means you can customize it to match the interior of your home or leave it as it is for a simple but chic look.


  • The perfect addition to any home theater speaker system
  • Enjoy amazing bass sounds
  • Match perfectly with other Polk speaker styles
  • Easy to use and set up


  • May be more suited to music than movies

4. Fluance DB12W

close up image of the Fluance DB12W 12-inch Subwoofer-Natural Walnut


Get ready to enjoy a powerful bass performance with the Fluance DB12 powered subwoofer. Immerse yourself in your favorite music or movies and enjoy every sound as it was intended to be heard.

The best subwoofers maximize the potential of your home theater audio system and this model certainly does that. The DB12 has been specially engineered to detect and reproduce the low bass frequencies that many recordings have. Those frequencies may not be heard through regular speakers, but this subwoofer will enhance them so you get incredible sound quality.

Fluance pride themselves on their passion for music. Using premium quality components and their expert knowledge of engineering superior audio products, they have revolutionized the home listening experience.

This model features a front-firing driver, offering a better, smoother bass performance. You’ll hear even the lowest frequencies on every song without any roll-off and the ingenious cone design is rigid to reduce distortion to a minimum.


  • Deep bass performance
  • Cone design reduces distortion
  • Accurate amplifier for intense sounds
  • 12in driver for the best sound


  • May not fit your home aesthetic

5. Monoprice Subwoofer For Music

This is an image of a black Monoprice 8 Inch subwoofer


If you’re new to the world of subwoofers or don’t really understand the fascination with them, it’s highly recommended that you try them. Understandably, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that you may not even like.

That’s where this 60-watt powered subwoofer from Monospace comes in. With its awesome price tag, it’s perfect for first-time buyers. With all of its features and functions though, it’s bound to become your new favorite audio product!

The frequency ranges from 50Hz to 150Hz, so although it’s quite low, you’re getting what you’re paying for. Because of the price, it’s an ideal starter subwoofer, however, you’ll still get a good, strong bass sound, perfect for seeing if a subwoofer could make a difference.


  • 60-watt RMS output
  • Multiple input options
  • Components are housed in a sleek black wood cabinet


  • More premium models available

6. Polk Audio PSW10

close up view of a black Polk Audio PSW10 10-inch Subwoofer and a 100 watt Speaker in silver color


Amazing bass sounds, a great price, and easily compatible with your current home system. Just a few of the benefits you’ll get by choosing this model from Polk Audio.

With a wattage amount of 100, this subwoofer remains stable even when you turn the volume right up. So if you like your music loud, this is the one for you! Another great feature of this subwoofer is Klipper technology. It optimizes voice alignment, particularly during sounds with lower frequencies. This also helps to enhance the speaker’s performance when the music or movie volume levels are high.


  • Klipper technology for accurate sounds
  • Easily connects to your current system
  • Perfect size


  • May be more suited to a larger room

7. BIC America F12

image of the BIC America 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer-black


Inspired by the speakers that movie theater sound engineers utilize, the BIC America F12 is designed to give you crisp, professional sounding music, in the comfort of your own home.

This subwoofer is capable of going up to 116dB, which is a live concert level! It’s a wired, powered subwoofer, featuring inputs for Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS. Perfect for apartments or if you don’t have a lot of space. Because of the cone size, it may struggle to fill a larger room.


  • Built-in amplifier
  • Deep bass sounds
  • Best choice for small rooms and apartments


  • Higher price tag

8. Logitech Z-2300

close up image of the Logitech Z-2300 Speaker System with Subwoofer, set of 3- silver


For a great music or movie experience, you need great audio quality. This powerful subwoofer provides high-clarity sounds. From the heart-pounding booms of your much-loved rock tunes to the suspenseful build-up music in those scary horror films, you’ll hear every sound, even the ones you didn’t even know existed.

That combined with a generous 200 watts of RMS and you’ll have everything you need to change the way you listen to music forever. Once you’ve experienced this amazing subwoofer, you’ll see why it’s earned the coveted THX approval. This is the ultimate certification of audio quality and it means you’ll get the best possible sound.


  • THX approved
  • Distortion-free bass
  • Handy adapter to connect to D player or gaming console


  • Quite small in size

9. Roku Smart Soundbar

This is an image of a black Roku Smart Soundbar and a Wireless Subwoofer with Remote Control


Enjoy the 4k streaming of your favorite channels with this model from Roku. You’ll get stunning visual quality with bright, vibrant colors and incredibly sharp resolution. The cinematic audio will change the way you watch and listen to your favorite shows and films. The four internal speakers will pour sound into your room, making listening even easier.

Crank the volume up and feel the power of lower frequency responses with this Roku subwoofer. Whether you’re throwing a party, enjoying a concert from your couch, or even just doing the household chores, you can enjoy the professional-level sound. The best choice for an upgraded audio experience!


  • Amazing streaming in 4k quality
  • Easy to use audio settings
  • Voice activation means no more multiple remotes to operate


  • Premium price

10. Fostex 5 inch Powered Subwoofer

close up view of the Fostex 5-Inch Powered Subwoofer- black


A subwoofer can make a big difference to your movie and music listening experience. This model from Fostex is an active subwoofer. This means you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic sounds that do justice to your favorite tracks. You can use it in conjunction with the built-in RCA terminals that will seamlessly fit in with your current speakers for better lower frequency response.

The compact design saves precious space, perfect if you’re in a small apartment or room and the 5in powered subwoofer features a powerful amplifier. For over 45 years, Fostex has been creating amazing audio products designed to give you an improved and realistic audio experience.


  • Powerful amplifier
  • Has a stand by function to prevent unnecessary usage of power
  • Great price


  • May sell out quickly

11. Mackie Thump Subwoofer

image of a black Mackie THUMP 18-Inch Subwoofer


Featuring a professional band-pass style, this subwoofer provides the incredible output and deep frequency levels that will fill your whole room, for an amazing audio experience, unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

It’s been designed by industry-leading experts in portable audio products and will provide more than enough power for your high-output applications. All of the components are encased in a sturdy wooden cabinet with a super durable finish to protect against scratches and knocks when you’re transporting it.


  • Internal tuning filters create accurate sounds
  • Strong and sturdily built
  • Precise crossover of 140Hz


  • Very heavy compared to other models

12. Sony SACS9

close up image of the Sony SACS9 10-Inch Subwoofer-Black


The best subwoofers offer a sleek design and a compact size so they can fit anywhere, and this model from Sony certainly ticks these boxes.  The black finish makes it incredibly stylish and will fit in with virtually any decor.

Its 10” size makes it very convenient, it will fit wherever you want it to and it also makes it easily portable. Unlike some subwoofers who have cones made out of paper, the SACS9 has super strong reinforced cellular woofers, meaning they keep their shape for longer.


  • Vibrations are suppressed
  • Tough and durable woofers
  • Compact and classy design


  • Limited shipping options

13. Bose Bass Module 700

This is an image of a black Bose Bass Module 700 wireles subwoofer


If you’re looking for a subwoofer that provides unparalleled sound, this one from Bose is the one for you. This small but powerful wireless subwoofer perfectly complements the Bose soundbar 700 to bring your much-loved music, movies, and TV shows to life with rich, deep bass sounds.

Enjoy a dynamic range of sounds thanks to the power driver and the huge port. Feel the effects of heart-pounding movie scenes and songs as they were meant to be felt, not just heard.


  • Best choice for feeling sounds rather than just hearing them
  • The sleek glass top adds a touch of elegance to your home system
  • Wireless and compact design


  • The most expensive item on the list

Buyer’s Guide: Considerations when buying a Subwoofer for music


When it comes to the design of the subwoofer, you generally have a choice of front-firing or down-firing types. On a subwoofer that’s front-firing, its main driver points forward. A down-firing subwoofer means the driver is underneath and facing down onto the floor.

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two and which one is right for you depends on where you want to place it. If you’re planning to put it close to your main speakers then a front-firing subwoofer would be a good choice. However, you could use either one and still achieve a great listening experience.

If you want even better bass sounds, be sure to choose a subwoofer that has passive radiators. These are unpowered drivers that point outwards from the subwoofers sides and they assist in carrying the bass to achieve even better sound quality.

Commercial or Studio

When you’re shopping for your new subwoofer, one of the most important things to understand is that there are two different subwoofer categories; commercial and studio. To the untrained eye, they may look the same, however, there’s one vital difference between the two.

A commercial subwoofer gives you great listening pleasure while the studio subwoofer gives you an incredibly accurate sound. The difference between just pleasure and accurate sounds is the frequency response. With a commercial subwoofer, you can change the EQ “curve”  to create different sound qualities.

Whereas when you have a studio subwoofer, the sound you hear is what you get. Whatever sound mix is intended for you to hear is what will come through the speaker, resulting in a more accurate sound. No matter which style you choose, a subwoofer is built for bass. Its main function is to produce low-frequency sounds, offering a better overall listening experience.

Passive or Active

There are two amplification styles of subwoofers; active and passive. The difference between the two is that a passive subwoofer relies on an external amplifier and an active subwoofer has a built-in amplifier. If your subwoofer is going to be used in a small space then a passive style is a good choice. This is because you won’t need sounds that are as powerful since there isn’t that much space to fill.

You’ll usually find that a passive subwoofer is smaller and isn’t bulky, unlike an active subwoofer. Despite all of the positives of passive subwoofers, active styles still appear to be the most common choice. They provide rich, deep sounds that make a bigger impact and you won’t need to buy any additional equipment or parts to use them. They come complete with their own amps inside which makes them ultra-convenient.


Next, let’s consider wattage. The wattage is essentially responsible for the loudness of the subwoofer. The greater the wattage amount the louder the subwoofer will be. It’s worth remembering that subwoofers that have watts of 4000 or more will be way more expensive.

Something else to remember when choosing the wattage levels is the RMS. This is responsible for the overall power and volume levels. If you choose a subwoofer with an RMS of up to 1000 watts, you can be sure you’ll be getting a high-quality product.


1 . Is subwoofer good for music?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing the power of a subwoofer in a home theater system, you’ll know that it can completely transform the sounds you hear. You may wonder if you actually need a subwoofer? Surely a full set of speakers is enough? The short answer is no. Using a subwoofer can improve your listening experience dramatically, providing more immersive music pleasure.

Subwoofers are an important part of a home theater system because they produce low frequencies. This in turn means you can enjoy rich, strong sounds that you love but aren’t able to get from your regular speakers.  By adding a subwoofer to your home system, you’ll not only benefit from extended bass sounds, but it’ll also give you scale and dynamic sounds that ordinary speakers wouldn’t be able to provide.

The best powered subwoofer can even make a difference to songs that don’t contain much bass. The best subwoofers make even low volume listening sound amazing.

2 . Do audiophiles use subwoofers?

It may sound odd as they seem like a match made in heaven, but in reality, an audiophile and a subwoofer don’t usually mix well. Many audiophiles don’t understand the workings of a subwoofer and subs aren’t usually designed with audiophiles in mind.

Because they don’t often use subwoofers, they’re missing out on some seriously good bass sounds, which is a real shame. Even if you use a big pair of speakers, you won’t get the true bass sounds that a sub would provide. Why? Because you would have to place the speakers in a way so that they’ll offer good stereo imaging. Unfortunately, this means that they can’t deliver a smooth and seamless bass response.

The best subwoofer will enhance your listening experience better than any other audio product could. A good example of this is when you want to play your music super loud. With regular speakers, you would have distortion because the woofers would struggle to cope with the loud volume. A good subwoofer plays loud music easily and without distortion, no matter how much you turn the volume up.

3 . What is the best small subwoofer?

If you’re looking for the best woofer to revolutionize your listening pleasure, then the Bose Bass Module is a great option. The Klipsch R-100SW is another great sub with a more affordable price. Both subwoofers are designed to enhance and dramatically improve your music or movie pleasure!

This is an image of a black Bose Bass Module 700 wireles subwoofer



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