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Best Internet Radios in 2021

image of an internet radio resting on a table with a globe next to it

Have you found yourself bored with the limited radio stations you can listen to with the traditional AM/FM devices? Why don’t you try yourself on internet radio? Having an internet radio gives you the option to listen to stations from all over the world. You can reach out to channels that broadcast podcasts, news shows, and the thousands of music radio stations worldwide.

Having the best internet radio means you can also listen to your own songs via Spotify and Apple music. Having an internet radio means you don’t have to deal with bad signaling problems as you would through traditional FM/AM stations. Many internet radios also have an AM/FM option, so you’re never too far away from the traditional radio stations if you want to go back to the old style.

In our list, we will go through some of the best available internet radios on the market, with all of the features you know and love plus a few extras that you may not know exist. Plus, we will go through some of the considerations and FAQs you may not know you wanted to ask. Sit back, relax, and tune in.

The Best Internet Radios of 2020

1 . Sangean WR-22WL

This is an image of the Sangean WR-22WL bluetooth r


The WR-22 is the latest evolution of the Sangean product that originally changed the perception of home audio. For such a compact internet radio, it has bold, detailed sound usually found on bigger units.

With this latest model, there are even more reasons to like it. Containing Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to connect your phone, tablet, and laptop to it in a wireless way. A simple and convenient way to connect with no constraints given from the usual wired ways. Available in two different finishes of either dark walnut or black piano.`

This advanced radio has a convenient remote control and displays useful information through the LED display screen, such as artists and song titles. To expand your connection, you can use the USB port connection to play your saved MP3s and WMA files. If you’re someone who likes to listen in private or are in a setting you don’t want to disturb the people around you, there is a handy headphone jack.

Extra features include adjustable tuning step, dual alarm if you are a couple who have different morning routines, a snooze button if you fancy those extra moments in bed. For a richer bass sound, there is a dynamic bass compensation and even rotary controls for the bass and treble, helping you create the best sounding audio for your own personal experience.

Bluetooth streaming lets you connect to your phone and listen to the best internet radio stations available worldwide. A lot more accessibility and range than you would find using a more traditional radio format. A great thing about this internet radio is that it is ready to be used as soon as it comes out of the box. With no setup required, you are good to go as soon as you connect to a power source.

The WR-22 features an easy-to-read LCD display that is extra-large with a fully adjustable backlit dimmer. There is a remote control that allows you to control every aspect of this Internet radio from anywhere in your room for extra convenience.


  • Remote control for convenient use
  • Dynamic bass compensation for better sound
  • Available in a choice of finishes


  • Mobile streaming makes this radio an internet radio rather than being on the device itself
  • Doesn’t contain a WiFi connection

2 . Como Audio Solo

close up view of the Como Audio Solo Wireless Internet Radio - White


The Solo from Como Audio is more than just an internet radio. It is truly a smart speaker. The body is made from a half-inch thick MDF that houses a ¾-inch soft dome tweeter and a 3-inch long-throw speaker. The long-throw speaker has a 4-layer voice coil woofer with an oversized magnet for a better listening experience. The exterior of the Solo has been expertly crafted using furniture-grade, real wood veneers. Along with this, there is a multi-layer piano gloss finish.

By simply touching a preset button on the front panel, the Solo internet radio will power on and begin to play your favorite stations that have been saved onto the device. You can also source individual applications such as Spotify Connect that will power up immediately when turned on.

Bluetooth wireless connection can be set up quickly, remembering the devices that have been paired thanks to Near Field Communication. There is a beautiful color display that will present all of the information about the songs and artists you’re listening to, as well as the album art. You can change the display settings with the screen showing the entire album artwork if you prefer that to the written information.

Filling your entire home with music couldn’t be easier when you’re using the Como Audio Solo internet radio. You can pair multiple devices together so that the listener can continuously listen to the same song no matter what room of the house they are in. Many different settings can be manipulated using multiple Solo devices, such as a stereo spread of left and right from two different devices. All of this can be completed using the dedicated app you can use on your smartphone.

If you prefer a more old school approach or don’t have a smartphone, then there is a traditional remote control that can do all of the things the app can do. With Bluetooth streaming and a host of other features, the Solo from Como Audio is a force to be reckoned with and one of the best WiFi internet radio devices available.


  • Great sound quality for the size
  • Strong build quality


  • The user interface can be difficult to understand if you are new to these kinds of products
  • Knobs are a little small

3 . Ocean Digital Portable Internet Radio

image of the Ocean Digital Portable Internet Radio with Bluetooth Speaker in black color


The Ocean Digital portable WiFi internet radio with a built-in rechargeable battery is the perfect internet radio for your home. With extra-long playtime, connect to the available WiFi and listen away. No matter if you’re in the kitchen, the garden, or even carrying it around the house with you, listen to your device for over 8 hours. All of your favorite WiFi internet radio channels can be with you wherever you go.

A variety of listening options as this portable internet radio by Ocean Digital, with the option for listening to over 20,000 internet radio stations free of charge as well as your favorite local FM radio station. If you listen to the more traditional frequency-based FM radio, you won’t need to be connected to the internet as the ariel will pick up the radio station you desire through the waves.

Bluetooth connectivity within this portable internet radio by Ocean Digital lets you use Spotify Connect to play your favorite songs from your smart device. Pair with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC and use this device as a Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth connectivity will not work with wireless headphones or speakers.

You can create up to 99 presets with the Ocean Digital Internet radio, letting you select your favorite channels from a choice of any worldwide internet radio stations. Other cool features are the sleep timer setting and a headphone jack. The headphone jack is perfect if you are in a busy workspace, and people want a little peace around them to work—plug in your headphones for a more private listening experience.


  • Both Internet and FM radio capabilities
  • Completely portable for listening on the move


  • Better sound quality found in some other models
  • Bluetooth doesn’t work with wireless headphones/speakers

4 . Hinston Color Display Internet Radio

close-up image of a black Wooden Internet Radio by HINSTON


With the Hinston Color Display Internet radio, you can listen to over 26,000 internet radio stations from all across the world, giving you loads more options than you would from the more traditional AM/FM radio devices. There is lots of listening versatility when it comes to Hinston internet radios. You can connect using WiFi Internet radio, DAB radio, and even FM radios giving you more choice for whatever you’re in the mood for.

Streaming capabilities come with these best internet radios with Spotify Connect services available, allowing you to listen to all your favorite songs rather than just the radio. If you want to connect to a device, there is an AUX input great for listening to your favorite saved songs.

An alarm clock feature is a good alternative to using your phone to wake you up with the sound of the music rather than an annoying ringing sound found on many other devices.

Extra features such as a 5-day weather forecast are a convenient way to know what your commute to work will be like each week. There is also a display that shows the temperature and humidity of the day. Never again will you overdress on hot days or underdress on those sneaky winter mornings.

These best internet radios support nearly all Wi-Fi connections making them easy to use and completely user-friendly.


  • Alarm clock
  • Spotify Connect Audio Streaming


  • no Sleep timer on the alarm clock
  • Better Sound Quality was found in some other models.

5. Voiz AiRadio Wireless Streaming Smart Speaker

This is an image of the Voiz AiRadio VR-80 wireless smart speaker, wooden


The AiRadio wireless streaming smart speaker from Voiz comes equipped with all the extra features you would want from a Wi-Fi radio. With complete hands-free control, you can conveniently connect to Alexa and ask for your favorite podcasts, music, or radio stations instantly. Alexa’s use also lets you check the weather, time, and any other information to get you ready for your day.

The Wi-Fi streaming of this smart speaker is amazing. It will produce all of your favorite music in CD-quality high resolution not usually found in devices like this. Sound quality is a big thing when listening to internet radio. No longer will you be disturbed by weak signals or interruptions over frequencies.

For a pure dynamic sound, the Voiz AiRadio features two 3-inch full-range neodymium drivers and includes custom-tuned DSP to create a pure HiFi sound. Perfect for fatigue-free listening experiences every time.

If multi-room streaming is something you are looking for, then the Voiz app helps you listen to any of your streams right at your fingertips. Use your smart device to download the app, listen to music, and podcasts on multiple different units continuously wherever you are in your home. Multi-room is great for someone who loves to have the whole house in tune with what they listen to, enjoying music together.

The pure bass sound provides a natural, clean, and balanced deep sound quality perfect for your listening pleasure. For a more natural sound, the cabinet has been made from furniture grade bamboo. This cabinet has been completely handcrafted as well as being fully sustainable.

User-friendly straight from the get-go, connect to Alexa for a hands-free experience that anyone can use. A Hi-Fi streaming ready smart speaker with superior stereo sound reproduction.


  • CD player quality audio
  • High-quality Bamboo wood veneer
  • Internet and Bluetooth streaming


  • A more premium price
  • Doesn’t contain a remote control

6 . Grace Digital Mondo Elite Smart Internet Radio

close up view of the Grace Digital Mondo Elite Internet Radio with disply- BLACK


The Grace Digital Mondo Elite Smart internet radio is the audio system that you will love. With lots of different connectivity options, you can connect to your WiFi network in 2 minutes. This is done with the colored display and requires no special app to set up.

Even though there isn’t a need for an app to use the Grace Digital radio, there is a smart application that you can download onto your smart device with a menu of all of the things this amazing radio can do. Multiroom connectivity is amazing; play different music or the same sounds on all the devices you want to own.

One of the amazing things about Grace Digital is the customer relationships they have. You can stream from an extensive list of internet radio stations, and if you can’t find your favorite, you can ask, and they will add it to your device for you, meaning you will never miss out.

There are a dedicated UPnP server and a thumb drive that lets you save all of your favorite music on the Mondo Elite. While you’re streaming, you can navigate through the menus easily with the large 3.5-inch display, letting you view your favorite album artworks while your favorite songs are playing as well as the song title and the artist name.

There is a remote control for added convenience that lets you completely control the radio rather than having to get up every time you want to change a station or song. You can save up to 10 presets, set an alarm, use the sleep timer, use the snooze button, and even alter the backlight settings, all from the comfort of your sofa.


  • Up to 10 presets
  • Multiple connections via Bluetooth streaming and WiFi streaming
  • Alarm clock
  • Remote control for extra convenience


  • Only available in black and white
  • Premium price tag

7 . Polk Audio Omni S6 WiFi Speaker

image of the Polk Audio Omni S6 wireless smart speaker


If You’re looking for one of the best DAB radios, then you’re in the wrong place. Here we have one of the best Internet radios you can buy, the Polk Audio Omni S6 WiFi Speaker. It contains two 4 inch drivers and two 0.75-inch tweeters, all powered by a four-channel amplifier. Your music listening experience will amplify when you choose this amazing speaker.

The robust sound produced is perfect for listening in the home and doesn’t sound too distorted, perfect for medium to large-sized rooms. The sound quality is amazing. A brighter, tighter, bolder, and more responsive dynamic sound affects the high, mids, and lows for a better sounding track with every listen.

Available in black and white, the Omni S6 will look good in any home. This speaker radio has been made for people by the people, and it also features multiroom capabilities letting you listen to music anywhere in your home. As well as this, there is the power to stream your favorite tracks from your phone, laptop, or pretty much any smart device.

As well as all these top features, there is a free Polk Omni app that allows you to mix and match different speakers, completely future-proofing your room for any musical problem. This works over your WiFi network where you can instantly have one song blasting in every room of your home, or everyone can listen to something a little different. It’s all up to you. Firmware updates keep your app and music streaming services up to date.


  • Multiple colors available
  • Amazing sound quality


  • Premium price

8 . i-box Century Smart Internet Radio Speaker

close-up image of the i-box Century internet radio speaker in cream color


For a true blend of vintage and contemporary, the i-box Century Smart Internet radio is one of the best. The technology inside is a step ahead of the vintage aesthetic that the radio has. The i-box Century blends traditional designs with the latest in audio content and voice control technology. You get voice control benefits to stream music and complete hands-free communication in a design that looks good in any home decor.

With Amazon Alexa on board, you can ask the i-box Century to play music, check the news, see what the weather is like, and even control your other smart devices around the home. Features like Alexa bring true convenience to your home with new capabilities added all the time, automatically delivering to your device.

Good sound is always given, no matter how you stream audio. Inside the casing are housed a pair of 2.5-inch drivers that provide 16 watts of stereo power. The Century isn’t just about stylish good looks. It offers amazing sound to your living room, kitchen, or even at work. Simple use features like voice control to request music streaming services, audiobooks, and your favorite radio stations.

Better than using a CD player having to physically choose what song or artist you want, there is even a Bluetooth streaming service with the Century allowing you to connect your phone and other smart devices to play your favorite saved songs wirelessly. As well as Bluetooth connectivity, there is an AUX-in that allows you to connect via a cable if that is more your thing.

If you have more than one i-box device in your home, there is no problem as you can connect for multiroom listening with ease. Connect to 8 devices, listen to one song on all of them, or spread them through your home for different listening experiences. The option is all yours.


  • Compact size
  • Much more convenient than a CD player


  • Doesn’t feature AM/FM or DAB radio capabilities
  • No LCD screen
  • Not the best battery life compared to some other models.

Buyers Guide: Considerations when buying Internet Radios


When it comes to any radio, no matter if it’s DAB, Satellite, or Internet, you want something with a solid build and stylish design. In addition to this, you want the interface to be user-friendly with controls that are simple to use and understand. Many radios can now be connected to phones or include remote controls, which are really convenient to use. This way, you won’t have to stumble across the room every time you want to change a setting or the station you’re listening to.

Output/sound quality

A lot of these internet devices are small, which means you can’t expect a big sound. No matter the volume, you should always expect something crisp and clear to listen to. The audio quality should be high, even if the volume is low. Having a connection for external speakers is a must-have when it comes to the best internet radio. If you want to gain a better audio experience, using a better-sounding audio system is essential. Having an adjustable EQ is also advantageous, allowing the user to customize the audio for their own listening preferences.


This type of radio needs one thing, and that is an internet connection. It doesn’t matter if it is through a wire or via WiFi. You need to connect to the internet to access all the stations available around the world. When it comes to your WiFi settings, make sure your device accepts at least 2.4GHz. A more advanced device should support things such as Bluetooth to connect to your smart device. Other connectivity options are USB storage devices, a 3.5mm jack for headphones, and the ability to switch over to the traditional radio styles such as AM and FM frequencies.

Extra Features

If you are looking for the best internet radio, you may want some extra features such as an Alarm clock, sleep timer, or even a convenient remote control. Some more premium models have dual alarm clocks, which allow you to set two separate automatic alarms. This is perfect for couples who have different morning routines, but both need an alarm clock to wake them up in the morning. These kinds of features are bonuses, and you should only look for these if you feel you will need them as they could make your best internet radio a little more expensive.


1 . What is the best internet radio to buy?

The best internet radio to buy is down to you. There are lots of trusted brands that will include all the features you have been looking for. On the other hand, some lesser-known brands may still include these features but at a lower price.

2 . What is internet radio?

Since the original clock radio, the radio industry has taken many changes within the industry and the tech available. Am radio moved to FM, then Satellite radio, and DAB. Now radios work across the internet, but what exactly is internet radio?

In simple terms, internet radio is just the same as regular radio, but it uses WiFi instead of radio waves to transmit sound. It has a few other names such as net radio, e-radio, web radio, online radio, streaming radio, and even IP radio.

3 . How do internet radios work?

To make sure your internet radio is working, all you need is a WiFi connection, so your radio has internet access. Having an internet connection and a WiFi radio will allow you to connect to a much wider range of online internet stations that you would find using a traditional radio. The traditional styles can usually only pick up signals within 100 miles.

It is important to know that there is a difference between DAB and Satellite radios from internet radio. They are not the same thing. A DAB radio still uses waves to source its radio signals. The only difference between a DAB radio and a traditional AM/FM radio is that the DAB radio uses digital waves. A Satellite radio device will use satellite connectivity to source audio signals with no internet connection required.

Using an internet radio, you’re able to tune in to broadcasts from all across the world; this gives you loads more choice and even a place to find new and upcoming radio stations that you not of normally found using a traditional way.


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