Best Bluetooth Boombox in 2021

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Music is central to many people’s lives, and what could be better than carrying your favorite music with you? Having a Bluetooth boombox allows you to make your music portable and listen wherever and whenever you want to!

They are usually lightweight, easy to use, operate wirelessly, and come with a battery pack that can be charged repeatedly. With Bluetooth boomboxes, you won’t have to connect any wires either which saves on detangling stress. From connecting your device to powering the boombox itself, you will be completely wire-free (great stuff, right?)

You’ll get to stream your favorite songs from your Bluetooth device straight to the portable Bluetooth speaker to enter the world of old school beach parties and kick it on the curb with your friends.

Enhancing portability, Bluetooth boomboxes are rechargeable keeping your listening experience always away from the constraints of needing a power source. This is why every true music lover should have a portable Bluetooth boombox in their life.

When it comes to choosing the very best Bluetooth boombox, things can get a little confusing. What is the best one to choose? Where can I buy the best boomboxes? Which Bluetooth boombox is going to be best for me? 

There are many choices on the market with many different features, but luckily we have prepared the best boombox buying guide to make it easier for you to choose the right product! Read on through our review article for all the best information for finding the very best Bluetooth boombox.

The Best Bluetooth Boombox of 2021

  1. Pyle Portable Bluetooth Boombox

This is an image of the Pyle Portable Bluetooth Boombox - black

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If you truly love to listen to music, then this is one of the best portable Bluetooth boombox speakers available on the market. With a sleek and stylish design that’s undeniably attractive, the Pyle surround boombox portable speaker is the ultimate wireless surround sound speaker.

These boomboxes come with a wireless tube speaker, a USB charging cable, and an audio connection cable. Even though it has a large size, the lightweight and durable materials used in its construction are amazing. In fact, this boombox weighs just 2.88 lbs making it an ideal size to chuck in your bag.

You will always get to listen to the best sound quality with this Bluetooth boombox, thanks to the 4-inch full-range stereo sound reproduction and digital sound amplification. These together help to create a great sound that is crystal clear no matter the volume.

With the Pyle Bluetooth boombox portable speaker, you get an option to listen to the FM tuner for different radio stations and an SD-card reader. It also comes with a USB port to listen to your favorite saved songs, whether they are mp3 files or WMA digital audio files.

Compact quality is given with the Pyre boombox portable Bluetooth speaker with the entire casing made from a lightweight engineered ABS which is fantastic for durability. The Bluetooth connectivity is exceptionally strong and reaches up to 30 feet around your home or outside. Worry not, if you don’t have a device connected via Bluetooth, there is an AUX input for a wired connection.

This is an affordable choice that is much better than your standard CD player. The best boombox could very well be the Pyre surround sound speaker, helping you create the party mood no matter if you’re inside your home or outside.


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Affordable option


  • Portable radio aspect could be improved

2. Eifer Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker

image of the EIFER Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer and remote control in black color

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With the Eifer Portable Bluetooth Boombox, you are given more than just Bluetooth connectivity. This best boombox is Bluetooth enabled and supports FM radio, U-disk playback, TF card music playback, and it even has an AUX input. For extra convenience, it also comes with intelligent remote controls and a digital display. These powerful features and excellent build quality are all there to enrich your life and your music listening experience.

The Eifer boombox portable speakers have quick pairing to any Bluetooth device, no matter if you use a tablet, laptop, PC, or smartphone. If you don’t use Bluetooth, then an AUX input is perfect for connecting via a wired connection. With an Aux input, you also have the option to connect to your TV, which is especially useful if you are watching movies or playing high-performance games.

Clear and crisp audio will give you total satisfaction every time you listen to music using this boombox, no matter if that is from your device or through the FM radio. The FM radio on this device is capable of finding stations automatically in your area, or you can use the remote control to search for a specific favorite manually.

An added feature is the carrying handle that sits on top of the Bluetooth speaker. This is great for portability and transporting from room to room, plus the handle doubles up as a stand for your phone or tablet. This means you will always know where it is when you’re at a party or just listening to songs around the home.

On top of all these amazing features is the worry-free 12-month warranty that comes with every purchase. This really is the perfect gift for music lovers with an active lifestyle.


  • FM radio enabled
  • Fast rechargeable battery
  • Multiple connections


  • Only available in one color
  • Remote range isn’t the biggest

3. Phillips Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

close up image of the Phillips Boombox Bluetooth Speaker with LCD Display and remote cotrol - black

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The Phillips Boombox Bluetooth speaker gives you so much more than just a speaker with an audio input. You can wirelessly stream music via Bluetooth connection from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth product you own. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly enjoy your music, without feeling the constraint of a wired connection.

One simple touch connects you with your Bluetooth devices, all you have to do is simply tap the already paired product and turn the speaker on!

For better sound overall, this Phillips boombox delivers powerful deeper bass with the Bass Reflex Speaker system. It differs from that of a conventional loudspeaker box system as it has an additional bass pipe that is acoustically aligned with the woofer. This optimizes the low-frequency roll-off of the system. Due to this tech, there is less distortion produced at high volumes and a deeper, greater controlled bass sound. The system works by resonating air mass inside of the bass pipe to vibrate as a conventional woofer would do.

There are loads of ways you can listen to your favorite tracks using the Bluetooth connection, CD player capability, and even radio. If you’re listening to a CD, you don’t have to conform to the tracklist in order. The shuffle setting allows you to listen to your music in a fresh new order, which will never leave you bored when you think you’re tired of that playlist!

There is a stereo jack input for private listening, this is great if you work in a busy office and people need to concentrate. This way, you can still listen to music with the Phillips boombox’s great sound and not disturb anyone around you.


  • Convenient remote control
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Small Remote Easy to lose
  • Higher price tag than some other designs

4. JBL Boombox Portable Waterproof Speaker

This is an image of the black JBL Boombox Portable Waterproof bluetooth Speaker

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Boomboxes in 2020 have come on leaps and bounds compared to the originals of the 80s and 90s. The JBL Boombox portable waterproof speaker demonstrates this perfectly. Made to be the most powerful Bluetooth enabled speaker, the JBL Boombox delivers monstrous sound with a hard-hitting low bass.

The rechargeable battery life is amazing and allows you to enjoy 24 hours of continuous music on a single charge of around 6.5 hours. The massive 20,000 mAh battery has a dual charge output enabling you to charge your smart devices through a USB port simultaneously while you use your speaker.

The JBL connect speaker is strong and powerful, and durable enough to handle even the wildest pool party. All you have to do is get rid of the CD player and choose the best with the JBL boombox!

The device even has an IPX7 waterproof rating so that it can withstand nearly any kind of weather, as well as a few beers spilt on it at any parties.

To help deliver that mega sound quality, there are four active transducers and two JBL bass radiators. These bass radiators and transducers deliver that hard-hitting bass that you will not only hear but also see. On the JBL boombox portable device, there is a handle integrated into the speaker’s design. This makes portability and transporting much easier for extra convenience.


  • IPX 7 Water-resistant technology
  • High-performance drivers
  • USB slot for device charging


  • Sells out fast
  • The rechargeable battery doesn’t last as long as some other models.
  • A more premium price

5. Jenson Bluetooth CD Player Speaker

close up view of the silver Jenson Bluetooth CD Player Boombox Speaker

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The Jenson Bluetooth CD player is a top-loading CD player speaker that supports A2DP and AVRCP formats. It contains lots of different listening options such as the CD player, a programmable FM radio receiver, an AUX input for MP3 players or other devices without Bluetooth, as well as a dedicated Bluetooth connection.

The Bluetooth connection supports all of the latest Bluetooth devices and can be paired in a matter of seconds for absolute convenience. Bluetooth lets you easily stream your favorite songs that you may not have a physical CD copy of, meaning your music is never restricted.

There is a blue LED indicator featured on this amazing CD player speaker with Bluetooth which indicates connection. The same LED will displays tracks, lets you skip forward and backward, and repeats one song or an entire album if you simply can’t get enough!

The programmable memory FM is great to have all of your favorite radio stations never too far away. Use the trackwheel to precisely find your favorite station and alter the volume too.

Finally, the AUX input is perfect for keeping a strong, stable wired connection to connect your iPod, MP3, and other devices. The addition of a handle brings about further portability and makes it ideal for when you’re out and about.


  • Really affordable
  • Lots of colors to choose from


  • Some better sound quality options available
  • No stereo sound

6. Magnavox Portable Bluetooth CD Player Boombox

image of the Magnavox MD6972 Portable Bluetooth CD Player Boombox in black color

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The Magnavox Portable Bluetooth CD Player speaker is a boombox with a difference. It has a top-loading CD player that is completely programmable. Color-changing LED lights pulsate on the beat of the music you’re listing to. This works with all the functioning music playing abilities such as the AM/FM radio, CD player, AUX input, and Bluetooth connection.

Experience premium audio, no matter if you’re at home, in the office, in the kitchen, or even in the garden. Connect to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth product such as a tablet, PC, or Laptop. If you don’t have a Bluetooth product, you can use the AUX cable input to wire up the connection for complete interruption-free listening. This AUX cable can be used even if you’re watching movies at home, connecting to your TV for a better audio experience.

Every product from Magnavox is made with the highest quality materials ensuring they are long-lasting and durable. They strive to create products that are low cost to buy but great for maximum usability.

Other features are available with the Magnavox, such as an alarm clock that will wake you up with the sound of your favorite radio station rather than a startling alarm tone you would find on a usual unit.


  • FM/AM radio, CD player, AUX, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Low-cost budget option


  • Some more attractive design available
  • Not the loudest on our list
  • No Cassette player

7. Logitech UE Mobile Bluetooth Boombox

This is an image of a black Logitech UE Mobile Bluetooth Boombox

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The Logitech UE Mobile Bluetooth Boombox is the perfect speaker if you are looking for a compact, durable unit with a big range. You can play music up to 50-feet away from your Bluetooth featured smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Two speakers sit inside the casing of the Logitech boombox showing no problem producing a true stereo image. Hands-free calling is made easy as the Logitech doubles as a phone speaker when you are connected. This can be used in the house, in the office, or even in the car. Hands-free calls are convenient and easy—anything to make your life a little easier.

Multi-person access lets more than one person connect to the boombox at anyone time. This is a great privacy feature if you’re at a party and don’t want everyone accessing your phone if they want to choose a certain song.

Ultimate ear sound signature is given just as with any Logitech speaker product. Inside, the boombox contains two complete-range drivers and a passive radiator that helps to deliver clear, big, and perfectly tuned sounds no matter the volume. These drivers help to reduce any distortion at higher volumes too always receiving clarity in your listening life.

The ultra-portable design is amazing, you can carry the lightweight unit anywhere with you, and the rechargeable battery is good for up to 10-hours of continuous music listening.


  • Extremely portable
  • Great audio quality
  • Lots of colors available


  • No USB Connection available
  • Smaller size than expected

8. Victrola Retro Boombox with Carrying Handle

close up view of the silver Victrola retro Bluetooth Boombox with Carrying Handle and Cassette Player

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If you have been wanting to rekindle that nostalgic memory of listening to a classic boombox, then the Victrola’s Retro Boombox with a built-in stereo speaker is the one for you. It features an old-school cassette player, superb audio quality, and some hidden extra features that bring it to the current times.

The built-in Bluetooth capabilities allow you to quickly pair with your Apple iPhone, Android smartphone, or any other Bluetooth streaming equipment you may own. Enjoy unlimited streaming capabilities from all of your favorite music streaming apps.

A blast from the past with all of the classic features being contained as well. Loaded with a built-in cassette player, FM/AM radio, and a recorder that saves straight to USB. This recorder will allow you to show off at your next party with your USB stick of the masterful mixtape you’re just created.

Expand all of your connection options with the option of being powered by an AC battery or a rechargeable battery. The boombox features an AUX-in, a USB and SD card slot, and a headphone jack on the side panel that gives you the option to have a private listening session if needed. The USB cannot be used as a power bank to charge your phone.

All the controls you would ever need are featured on this retro boombox, such as Volume knobs and radio tuning knobs. There are also easy to click source buttons allowing you to change the type of music platform you’re using. There aren’t any pre-sets for the radio, but this is okay as the needle will stay in the place you left off. If you want to choose the best retro-looking boombox with all the same tech as a modern speaker, then you have you can stop looking right here.


  • Cassette recording for a truly nostalgic feel
  • Retro design


  • Large in size
  • Some audio quality problems compared to others.

9. W-King Outdoor Portable Wireless Boombox

image of the W-KING Portable Wireless Bluetooth Boombox with caring handle- black and green

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The W-King Outdoor portable wireless boombox is a high definition clear speaker that produces clear high notes, deep bass sounds, and true HD audio. The Bluetooth connection is premium, with 5.0 technology effortlessly connecting all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 66 feet away.

Charge all of your portable devices with the massive 8000mAh built-in power bank, whether you use iPhone or Android. The high-tech speaker system gives amazing audio quality, including 2 passive subwoofers and 2 tweeters. Connecting to TV, PC, and other non-Bluetooth devices via the 3.5mm audio jack leed. The Bluetooth speaker even hands hands-free calls.

Excellent audio quality is received with the 2 full-range speaker drivers, 2 passive subwoofers, and 2 tweeters.

Designed to endure any abuse. This durable boombox is not only shockproof, but it is also waterproof, dustproof, and even sand proof letting you take your music with you wherever you go. The W-King also comes with a 12-month warranty standard.


  • Strong and durable design
  • 5.0 Bluetooth technology
  • Power bank charging


  • Limited color options
  • Limited Stock

Buyer’s Guide to Bluetooth Boomboxes

Sound Quality

The main purpose of and boombox speaker is to deliver booming sound quality with enhanced low-frequency notes. Just as you would get with a high-performing device, your Bluetooth boombox should be able to deliver this amazing sound quality even at louder volumes, with no risk of peaking or distortion.

The best Bluetooth boombox speaker features an active and a passive speaker, producing the best bass sound quality possible. In the end, it is a matter of budget, the more premium-priced Bluetooth boombox will feature more speakers in a higher wattage at a much larger size. Your budget will be a big decider of the kind of sound quality you’re going to receive.

Portability & battery life

Boomboxes speakers are portable wireless speakers making a name for themselves in the 80s and 90s. They were heavy-duty, durable speakers that were easy to move around. In today’s market, there have been loads of improvements to the boombox speaker. They have much better battery life and more durable but crafted from lightweight materials that make them much easier to transport. If you’re someone who still wants that authentic experience, you can still find big retro designs with LED lights that synchronize with the beats of the music you’re playing. Plus, they have large speakers that are loud while also producing great sound quality.

The last thing you want is to be out, and your boombox runs out of battery. With many newer models, battery life has been developed, giving you hours of endless play. On the other hand, if you’re using a Bluetooth boombox, you could be listening to your favorite songs, and your device runs out of battery. You must find the best Bluetooth boombox that also acts as a power bank; this will keep your phone or tablet fully charged at all times, letting the music play all day long.


While it’s great for some people to possess a cassette and CD player still, you want a modern boombox to keep other connectivity options. The best boomboxes will feature at least one AUX 3.5mm port and one USB 2.0 connection. Having these ports, you’ll have the opportunity to connect your saved songs via smartphone, laptop, tablet, or even hard drive.

WiFi and Bluetooth connectivities are also a great feature, this way, you can connect just as you would with an AUX input or USB port but completely wirelessly. This gives you the freedom to move around the house or place your phone in a safe, hard-to-reach place that a wire couldn’t.

Extra Features

Other features such as water resistance are great if you have pool parties and you want to have your Boombox speaker a little closer to the water where it could be splashed. This is also the case for parties; if there happens to be a booze spill, you want this extra protection.

A carry handle incorporated into the design is a handy little feature making portability and transportation much better.

Boomboxes were from the 80s and 90s when cassettes and CDs were all the rage. Just because you’re playing your songs via Bluetooth doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to turn back the ears and listen to your music in a more physical state. Having the option of a fully working cassette player and CD player gives you more ways to listen and bring that authentic listening style to any boombox.


What is a Boombox?

A boombox is a wireless music playing speaker that originated in the late 80s/early 90s to bring music into the outside. As technology development has gone on, newer boomboxes contain lots of extra features such as rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connectivity for a truly wireless experience.

What is the best Bluetooth boombox?

The top Bluetooth boombox is going to be down to the user. Many brands have been pushing the boundaries in boombox development, but these more established brands will have a higher price tag. Sound quality is a big thing and is always going to be better the more you pay. Try to find a Boombox at the end of your budget for the highest quality available. Other features such as a CD player or FM radio could be something you are looking for, so keep an eye out for these extras that could be featured.

How do I connect my boombox to Bluetooth?

Connecting to your boombox from a Bluetooth smartphone or tablet couldn’t be any easier. Simple enable the Bluetooth on your speaker and then search for it on your gadget. When you have paired, you always be a few simple clicks away with some devices connecting automatically every time you turn your speaker on. It is very similar to using wireless headphones if that is something you’re more familiar with.