Best 6.5 Speakers in 2021

This is an image of a 6.5 inch car speaker

If you’re a car enthusiast and avid music lover then you know your car’s speakers make all the difference.

Maybe you’ve been cruising with your 6.5 speakers for some time and you’re looking for an upgrade, or you’re tired of the factory speakers in your car and want to make your car your own. But there are so many on the market now, how do you know which ones are right for you and your car?

Well we’ve got you covered!

We’ve done the heavy lifting and found out which are the best 6.5 car speakers on the market. Keep reading through our pros and cons to find out which speaker is right for you. We’ll tell you everything from what’s the best material for your speakers, to what RMS means (it’s root mean square by the way, if you didn’t already know) and what kind of wattage you want for a good price.

So whether you’re the go to DJ for every kegger, or you just want a quality sound system for when you’re travelling to the store, read on and find out which 6.5 speaker could be the right fit for you and your car.

The Best 6.5 Speakers of 2021



These JBL GTO629 premium car speakers are for the audiophile who loves their bass. With their small geometric design and sleek black color, they’re the ultimate companion for any car. These coaxial car speakers boast a 53 hz sound clarity and 180 watts peak power, making sure you get the clear sound you want.


  • These speakers have carbon-injected cones that are larger than others within the 6.5 inch size class, which means more air, which means more bass response.
  • They also have a patented unipivot tweeter, which means you can aim the sound at your ears, even if the speakers are placed lower down.


  • There is no wireless remote included, so the set up won’t be as easy.

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These Rockford Fosgate R165X3 prime car speakers have an interesting design to them, and a matte black finish. They’re 3-way speakers and boast polypropylene woofer cones and a silk-dome piezo tweeter. They’ve been reviewed as having a clean cut audio performance at 45 watts peak power.


  • These speakers come with grilles and mounting gear, so you don’t have to buy anything extra for set-up.
  • They also come with a full year warranty, giving you time to test them out to their fullest extent.


  • As these speakers are wireless, they require 1 12 v batteries, which might be a bit of extra hassle.



These Boss Audio Systems ch6530 car speakers may be for the more fashion conscious when it comes to appearances, with it’s fluid and curved design. However, these speakers don’t just have a pretty face, as they are 3-way speakers, boasting a full range of key features.


  • These speakers include rubber surround which allows for constant beats with little wear and tear. Rubber surround is the best material to protect your speaker sound, and increases this speakers durability.
  • They also include a great quality voice coil wire, allowing these speakers to have long play times with less damage. Meaning you can crank those tunes for longer without worrying about your speakers wearing down over time.


  • Their design means minimal mesh protection, so even though they have great sound quality, the cone is at more risk of any outside forces damaging it; so not ideal if you’re wanting absolute durability.



This Infinity Kappa 62IX coaxial car speaker system has a beautiful black and copper chrome design. Infinity speakers boast rigorous testing to get their speakers to the highest quality and, the longest durability. With key features such as edge driven textile dome tweeters and smooth high frequency response; this speaker could be the one for you.


  • This speaker is wireless, so easy to install into your car, and no awkward cables you’ll have to run through.
  • This speaker also has glass-fiber woofer cones, that help to deliver increased low frequency output through your car audio, giving you that crisp, clear sound you crave.


  • One of the heavier speakers on our car speakers list, coming in at 6.17 pounds. Depending on what kind of car you’re inserting these speakers into, you might have to take this weight into consideration when it comes to mounting them.



These Pioneer TS-G1620F G-Series speakers are 600 watt speakers. With a thinner black, full mesh design, these coaxial speakers boast full-range features and are 2 -way. With an RMS power of 80 watts and a 35 hz sound clarity, these could be the speakers you’ve been looking for.


  • These speakers have Injected molded polypropylene cones to contribute to their high quality sound, great for delivering loud music without letting you down on any possible distortion.
  • Rubber surround for longevity and durability. Rubber is the best material, and so these will provide you with louder sounds for longer play times.


  • You might need to use an amplifier with these speakers, so that’s another thing to purchase, but they pack a punch when it comes to volume.



These SKAR Audio (2) fsX65-4 (2) speakers have ohm pro audio and a high frequency response of 100hz. With their trim, matte black finish, these speakers would make a fine addition to any car.


  • High temperature copper voice coil means longer play times, and longevity overall. So great if you’re someone who drives a lot, wanting to constantly crank out that music playlist.
  • These speakers have 300 watts of output power, giving you a high quality sound, and louder car audio. Definitely for those who like louder beats, over a mellow sound.


  • Coming in at 8.35 pounds, this sound system is the heaviest on our list. A great range of features, but a lot of weight depending on your chosen vehicle. So definitely something to consider if you have a smaller car.



This Kicker Cs Series CSC65 Car Audio Speaker has an interesting design, a matte black finish with yellow accents, it looks like a speaker for the edgy driver who likes a little bit of style with their sound system. This coaxial speaker also includes 0.5 inch tweeters for a richer sound.


  • EVC Technology for improved woofer performance, improving your car audio sound quality and providing much needed smoothness.
  • 100 watt speaker output power, So definitely a speaker system for a more mellow music lover, whilst still giving you volume.


  • This speaker setup has UV-treated polyester woofer surround which resists heat and light. However, some suggest that rubber surround is better for overall longevity, even if this cone design is built for weather resilience.



These Cerwin Vega XED650C Component speakers are one of the best 2 way car speakers on our list, with it’s all black finish and it’s rubber surround making them more resilient. These speakers will give you an excellent sound quality for your car.


  • These speakers have a Curvilinear poly cone which boasts increased durability for your car audio.
  • At 300 watts peak power this car speaker goes all in on sound quality and volume. So a definite pick for those who like louder tunes for longer.


  • As it’s wireless it needs 1 12V battery. So even though it’s easy to install initially, this might be an extra thing to worry about in the long run.



This DS18 Pro – X6.4 BM Loudspeaker is for those who want a speaker which can handle the loudest tunes. With a sleek red and black color, these speakers scream optimal sound. Boasting 250 watts RMS power, these speakers are one of the best speakers on our list for overall volume.


  • This speaker has 500 watts peak power, which means loud; and when we say loud, we mean loud. But it still creates a clear-cut sound for your car audio.
  • Power-handling that much sound comes from the high quality voice coil in this speaker setup, making sure you get a great frequency range, and optimal volume for your car.


  • The red bullet design dust cover protects the high quality voice coil. However, the overall design might not be for everyone. Not just for overall aesthetics, but also depending on your cars layout as well.



This Pioneer TS-F1634R speaker are 2 way speakers, and are one of the lighter speaker sets on our list, coming in at 2.2 pounds. This means minimal weight with the same quality as some of the heavier speakers on our list. With an interesting black design and boasting a full range of features, these might just be the speakers for you.


  • These speakers have 200 watts peak power. Which means great power-handling allowing for optimal volume.
  • These speakers are also wireless, which means no messing around when doing the initial setup in your car, allowing for easy installation.


  • No mesh cover for the cones. These means these car speakers are susceptible to outside damage, which can lower endurance and overall sound quality over time.



JBL CLUB6520 Club series speakers are coaxial, 2 way speakers with an interesting geometric design to improve any car audio. As they are coaxial, these woofer speakers have the full range of features needed for clean, crisp sound.


  • They were built with a high sensitivity design, made to have a great high frequency response, making sure you get great quality when it comes to sound overall.
  • These speakers have 300 watts peak power, which when coupled with the high sensitivity design, will ensure you can play your tunes louder for longer, without having to worry about distortion or lessened durability.


  • Again, even though the initial set up will be easy, having wireless speakers means having to think about batteries, which might be a hassle for some people.



This Rockford Fosgate P1650 Punch speaker system is made for those who want to replace their factory car speakers with something a bit more up-market. With an RMS power of 55 watts, these 2 way, coaxial speakers are easy to install, and a great addition to any car.


  • With Polypropylene woofer cones for durability, these speakers will be able to endure the loudest tunes for longer.
  • These speakers are also made for surround sound, so it’ll feel like you’re in your own private concert within the comfort of your own car.


  • When it comes to depth mounting, these speakers have a FlexFit2 Basket design which has a slot-mounted frame to help for easy setup. However, this means that the design only allows for slight adjustment.



These Kenwood KFC – 1653MRW Marine Speakers are a slightly different design than the rest of the car speakers on our list. With a white, slotted design, these speakers will definitely get you noticed. These 2-way speakers also boast 1″ balanced dome tweeters and an RMS power of 25 watts, and therefore could be the speakers for your car.


  • They have a mounting depth of 2-7/16″ meaning you don’t have to worry about what type of car you’re mounting them in, as they have a great range.
  • With Woofer speaker water resistant pp cones, these speakers have increased durability from any outside damage. Meaning louder tunes for longer.


  • This design definitely won’t be for everybody, so if you’re interested in these speakers it depends on whether the features are worth the design.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to consider when buying 6.5 Speakers


Sensitivity is definitely something you should take into consideration when you’re buying speakers. It’s not about sound quality per se, but is about the volume of your amplifier on your speaker, and how high it needs to be for your speakers to be at their best.

Speaker sensitivity is a measurement of how well a speaker converts amplified power to acoustic energy. So when someone is talking about speaker sensitivity, this is what they’re referring to. Although if you’re reading this article on the best 6 5 car speakers then you probably already know.

Sensitivity is measured by the speaker manufacturer and so different factory speakers will have different sensitivity measurements. So it’s always good to compare similar speakers from different makers, to see if the sensitivity you have on your speaker is the quality you’re looking for.

Depth of Mounting

This is one of the most important things you should consider before buying, as your depth of mounting decides what type of speaker you can buy. Shallow mounting depths and deep mounting depths obviously require different speaker types. So you need to know how much space you have in your car to correctly fit your speaker.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much room either, as shallow mounting speakers are designed for tight spaces and therefore should be just as high quality as regular car speakers.

Another thing to think about when considering mounting depths is speaker enclosure. Speaker enclosure is important for optimal bass response. So if you want a speaker that doesn’t quite fit, then a speaker enclosure takes up that extra space, making sure that your bass response is as high quality as you want.

So this is definitely something to consider when choosing your car speakers.


Frequency Response

Frequency response is normally used to describe the audible frequency range that a loudspeaker can produce.

Audio frequency is measured in hertz (Hz) and the human frequency range is from 20Hz (lower bass notes) to 20 kHz (the highest treble notes). So if you get a speaker, to get one that falls within this range is normally the go to when purchasing.

However, you also want your car speakers to be able to reproduce these frequencies at their optimal level. So the ideal frequency output you’re looking for should be equal to the frequency input of whatever is going into your speaker.

Most factory speakers will have this information, but it’s definitely something you want to look into before purchasing any car speakers, as a great frequency response will produce a great sound.

Additional Features

Even if you’ve researched the above points before purchasing your speakers, you might also want to consider additional features before buying.

  • cross overs – external crossovers are typically used to lessen the amount of distortion a speaker might have by separating frequency inputs. It helps to separate highs and lows. most speakers should come with these, but it’s definitely something to look for before buying just in case they don’t and you’ll have to factor in cross over purchases in the price.
  • RMS (Root mean square) Also known as continuous power rating, is what a speaker consistently uses during it’s performance – most manufacturers will provide you with this information, and is something to consider before purchasing.
  • Design – This might not seem like a big one, especially if your speaker will be in your door out of the way. It also might not seem like to something to think about if you’re only concerned about performance. But for some, design is something they look for different reasons. One, because it might contribute to performance. Some speakers have designs to help improve overall sound quality. But it’s also important to see how it fits into your car with the design, and the overall aesthetic you’re trying to go for with your speakers.


What are the best materials for 6.5 speakers?

It depends on which part of the speaker you’re meaning. There are different elements to speakers such as the cones, voice coils, and dome tweeters; so each element will have a different material that suits it best.

  • Tweeter – Whether it’s dome tweeters or otherwise, the best materials are: – silk or polyurethane, or metal, ceramics, or graphite depending on what kind of sound you want.
  • Woofer – For a woofer, the best material is polypropylene. However, woven fabrics, or metal-coated synthetics can also be used to a similar degree.
  • Surround Materials – The best material is rubber. But cloth and foam surrounds can be used, and these are the less expensive options if you’re worried about price.

How much power do I need for my speakers?

This all depends on your speakers efficiency. The best power your speaker needs also depends on what your music taste is like.

If you’re a fan of more mellow music, such as classical and jazz, then 50 watts would be best for your car.

However, if your music taste is for the louder bass beats, then something around the area of 200-300 watts might be more your speed.

But it’s not just music taste, it’s also down to how loud you want your music to go, so whether you’re the resident parking lot DJ, or are known to have impromptu festivals from your car, a higher wattage might be the way to go.

What are the best 6.5 speakers for bass?

From our list, due to research and reviews, and the materials these speakers are made out of, there are several speaker manufacturers that we would suggest are the best speakers for bass:

  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Pioneer TS
  • Boss Audio
  • Kicker
  • JBL

There are other speaker manufacturers out there, but these are the ones that we think give your bass some bounce. Just take a look at our ones on the list and see what you think for yourself!

Are 6.5 and 6.75 speakers the same?

There is no real difference between 6 5 inch speakers and 6 75 inch speakers when it comes to elements such as high frequency rates, RMS, and sensitivity rating etc.

The difference between the two is just the small difference in size, and even if you accidentally buy 6 5 inch speakers when you needed 6 75 inch speakers, you can always purchase a speaker enclosure to close the gap, and make sure your speakers are nice and snug, making sure you still get that optimal sound.


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